Fube.dk is a Dutch trade association of energy consultants who are seeking to improve their industries services offering by providing direct to owner services, free of intermediaries and the costs they bring.

The association offers many benefits to their members, including lower cost insurance, professional networking and helps ensure that all members have a equal vote in industry concerns.

They have organized because the current trade association, BfBE, only works for the big BfBE companies and promotes their interests.  The small and medium enterprises, have no real voice in the association.

This Fube information has been summarized from a Google Dutch translation of the Fube.dk website – if I have it wrong, please let me know!


Frie Uafhængige Bygningssagkyndige og Energikonsulenter”, or translated to English:

Free Independent Building Energy Experts and Consultants



Fundementals do Bastitas Esportes

by admin on March 13, 2012

As the search for global meaning of Fube continues, this month I’m profiling  Fube as a new (2011) acronym for “Fundação Batistense de Esportes “, which according to Google translates from Portugese to “Batistense Sports Foundation” in English.

FUBE is run by Executive Director  Sergio Roberto Machado, and is located in Centro, São João Batista – SC.

When my Portuguese get’s better I’ll let you know what more I learn!






Batistense Sports Foundation


Fube, Southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo

October 22, 2011

Fube is a village in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.  It was designed and built by refugees who returned to the DRC after the first democratic elections in 2006. During the period of 1998 and 2003 the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was the epicenter for what has been called Africa’s World War, with […]

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Radio AHA – Fube

June 18, 2011

Don’t know much yet, but worldwide Radio AHA has a program called “Fube” by Aj Ridita.  You can learn more at www.RadioAHA.com. I do know one thing for sure, I’m enjoying the music as I write this blog posting. AJ tell us more about your Fube show!  I’ll publish the info here!

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Fube on Twitter

August 12, 2010

Recent Posts using Fube! >my friend called me a fube, should i be offended? > im fube!! i won’t take dare ever again > Je fube et je bois et je t’entube! > Fube a little upset I see lol > dam fube just got hoed!lmaaooo > tomar uma sopinha de fubé feita pelo daddy… […]

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FUBE – National Semiconductor

April 18, 2010

The term FUBES is the plural of fube. A FUBE is a replacement for a vacuum tube, using FET technology. If you plugged in a fube for a tube, the circuit might work better, but usually not. The fube was invented by engineers at National Semiconductor Corp in the 1960s, but never made any business or profit. […]

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Fübe means “grass” in Hungarian

April 14, 2010

Just found a tweet that contained “fübe“, and was able to determine the language was Hungarian.   A quick trip to Google Translator indicated it means grass to our friends in Hungary.  Cool. If anyone can help me out with more insights into the actual language usage it would greatly be appreciated.

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Fube – Northern Chilubi, Zambia, Africa

February 3, 2010

There’s a place called Fube!

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Fube – Biala Czekolada – “White Chocolate”- Rap Music Artist

January 25, 2010

Fube – Biala Czekolada – Rap Music Artist

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Freie Universität Berlin – Acronym “Fube”

January 25, 2010

Freie Universität Berlin is often referred to as Fube. Freie Universität Berlin is a leading research institution. It is one of nine German universities successful in all three funding lines in the federal and state Excellence Initiative, thereby receiving additional funding for its institutional future development strategy. Freie Universität can thus take its place as […]

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